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Vue d'une grappe de raisin
Guillaume Bergeon - experience et savoir-faire

To bring new values based on experience and know-how

Guillaume Bergeon, is the owner since 2010.
Using his knowledge of wine and his taste for work well done, he wishes to give a soul and an entity to his wines by giving a new lease of life to the vineyard. His passion for this profession gives him the desire to go further in the perfection of the vintages.

« My passion, My vines, My work: Your wine »

Guillaume Bergeon
Bouteilles du château Bellegarde

Château tour de bellegarde

Guillaume Bergeon acquired this vineyard in 2018. Having fallen into oblivion a few years ago, he wants to develop a more contemporary image for the Château, while defending the values of know-how that have been present for many generations and that he now wants to keep alive.

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Château tour de bellegarde

Château La Naude is a wine estate located in the commune of Gauriaguet in Gironde.
This patriarchal estate, dating from 1759, whose legend tells that Ernestine, winegrower and owner of this beautiful Gironde residence, still watches over her vines, which she cherished so much....

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Bouteilles du château LA Naude
Vue d'une grappe de raisin

An approach for the future

From integrated viticulture to HVE (High Environmental Value) certification, a big step towards the future.

How? By minimizing the impact on man and the environment through the implementation of good wine-growing practices, based on environmental performance indicators that cover the entire farm. This allows us to certify that the elements of biodiversity (hedges, grassy strips, trees, flowers, insects...) are widely present on the farm and that the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment (air, climate, soil, biodiversity...) is reduced to a minimum.